My Munchkins & Their Shows

Heyyyyy everybody! So my life has literally become overrun with the shows my children watch. I can’t even tell you how many toys we’ve bought of these characters, the kids clothes and even planning for their bedrooms. Ugh🤐



Like for instance my son Elijah, he’s totally in love with Daniel tiger and Blaze and the monster machines. We got him a tablet for his birthday and OMG I can’t take it. 😨 I downloaded the Daniel tiger app. What a big mistake that was!!!!! All he does is play the damn theme song over and over all day. If i could pull out each one of my locs one by one i would. Lol 😂  One thing that I love about Daniel tiger is the fact that it’s based off of the former show Mr.Roger’s neighborhood. All the characters names are of the characters on the Mr.Roger’s show.


Now my daughter Léa on the other hand she’s super into Peppa pig AAANNNNNDDDDDDD Daniel Tiger!!! 

😣 nooooooooooooooooooo(Long dramatic scream on the inside)

In my house it’s like an on-going marathon. They have literally watched every season of Peppa and Daniel x10. A bit mundane if you ask me.😐


When I first saw Peppa pig it was the most annoying show ever, but it grew on me.

But now I can literally sing every song on all 3 shows.

Look don’t judge me…..I’m just a big kid inside.


All in all i actually like watching these shows with them even though, I complain about them.

Okay I’m going to stop ranting about these damn cartoons now!


-Xoxo Mrs. Bunn💋


My Chunky Mermaid TN

Ok so i was so tired of not being able to find what I wanted in a midori/fauxdori travelers notebook. So I took it upon myself to give me what I wanted. Im the type that wants to put my entire life into a midori. I dont want to have to carry multiple TN or have to switch the notebooks depending on whats going on. So after I saw the ZenKraft Mermaid’s Tale Field Notes Bi-Fold: by Yochanan Israel. It inspired me to make my own.

I was so determined to find this Mermaid tail leather that is basically non existent, and when I tell you I searched far and wide for it I searched far and wide. I love Yochanan Israel’so work and I have a quad fold zencraft travelers notebook from him I reviewed it awhile back. I’ll link it below.

My NEW MTN!!!! –

In this Chunky Mermaid TN I made it has 8 rainbow elastic insert strings and can definitely hold a lot more than 8 notebooks if need be. It is a trifold travelers notebook with 2 elastic closure bands to hold all the goodness in.

Ok So…. enough with all the extra details let’s get too this Chunky Mermaid I made………..

Here she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought leather, cut the size I wanted, glued it with leather glue to make sure it was double sided and then added rainbow elastic string. I bought the string and crystal charm at Michael’s and ordered the leather online. Yea i did my thing on this TN and I’m not afraid to say it. Here is what is inside. Each notebook I bought had blank covers, I also bought a pvc clear zipper pocket and 2 folder pockets.

The first part of my TN is a Dashboard to keep all sticky notes and whatever I want to keep there. The next is a Notes and common place book where I keep notes and random things. The last notebook is where I keep DIY beauty, bath and household products. Which I will start making post about at a different time. So be on the look out!!

The following notebooks are a DIY wine, ales & spirits book. There are some folders, to-do book and a hobonichi journal I made myself on a small grid notenook I bought from Japan.

The red notebook is a  Daily journal/diary. Next is a blank calendar I decorated fabulously.

The All Things Me notebook is basically everything that I’m kind of doing like my workout routine, TV series I’m watching and whatever else going on in my life. Also pictured above is the PVC pocket insert I bought to keep all stickers and stencils.

Last is a craft paper notebook that I turned into a family photo album that I can add to and take with me no matter where I am.

I love my Chunky Mermaid TN and I hope you guys did too.

Xoxo- Patrice💋

Never Give Up!

download (1)

No matter what happens in life. Don’t let situations or depression get you down. If you’re feeling down try everything you can to pull yourself out of whatever you’re going through. I may feel like its too hard to do so but you’re strong enough to do anything. If you need to find a new hobby, go for a walk or even try to speak to someone you love. Just know, no matter what you are going through you don’t have to do it alone. So try to smile more or do things that make you smile. If you don’t here it often i’ll say it to you, I love you!! Don’t ever give up on yourself or your happiness!


Xoxo Patrice💋

Life Through Y(OUR) Eye’s (Our journey)

Hello World,

Firstly I want to say thank you to all of the beautiful, artistic and friendly women who have let me see life through their eye’s so far. This journey has been impeccable thus far. This journey isn’t over yet but soon will be. I just want all of them to know how much I appreciate them for participating in the “Life Through Y(OUR) Eye’s” journey. For people to just be able to just open up and to let other’s in around the world different races, cultures and ages is amazing. I thank each and every one of you and hope to keep in touch after this is all over.

With that being said here are a few more sneak peeks from the journey!




Beautiful & colorful


Absolutely love this page!!! 🙂





The cover




A mini deck of cards she made herself for a journal page.  Awesome right!



Beautiful zendoodles





All of the ladies have done a beautiful job so far! So creative and artistic.

Until next time!

-Mrs. Bunn

Life Through Y(OUR) Eye’s……and Beyond


Hello everyone,

Ever heard of the Thousand Journal project? It’s an amazing and simple concept where they sent out one thousand journals and let people write/draw/paint/glue/….. So I’m thinking about a new journal project of my own for all to participate. I think I’ll call this project “A Day in the Life of…….?”, “The Wonders of the World Project” or “Eat.Love.Journal”.

I’m not really sure which name so tell me what you think? If you have suggestions please feel free.

With that being said I’M CALLING ALL  artsy,courageous,adventurous, positive, fun, creative, journalist/artist, free spirits from all walks of life or just anyone who just wants to join me in this journaling project!!! Be yourself. Have fun. Be creative. Journal with me.



Definitely would love to see some men participate with this one.

This project will be pretty interesting I will be making a list of countries I need participation from.

You’re Aloud to:
-Art journal
-daily journaling
-decorating(washi tape, pictures, stickers, drawing, anything you can think of)
-“About me” portion(Must Do!)
-pages for poetry
-use as a drawing pad

Express yourself anyway that you know how. 

The list below are the names of countries that I will be starting the project with first. If your country is not listed below you are still able to participate. There is a limit per country only because I would like multiple different people from multiple different countries to join in.




Don’t be shy!

If you would like to participate in this project reply via email @

-More details and rules will be given out via email

Thank You!

-Mrs. Bunn

My NEW MTN!!!!

I am elated to have been able to receive this Midori style traveler’s notebook. I created my own before i had this one and it did the job wonderfully but i really like the leather and all the room in this new one i got from my sister (Below)


Thats the charm i have for my notebook but you can go out and buy them from joAnns, Micheal’s and hobby lobby


Its big but not to big it has multiple sections and places to put stuff

I”M IN LOVE!!!!!

(Just Don’t tell my husband) lol

So It’s a simple notebook system, in the quiet and refined style that the Japanese do well. There’s a thick tar colored leather cover inside there are elastics that hold the pieces inside as well as wrap around the entire journal. You can swap in different notebooks and other accessories to customize it to your needs. It’s designed to be personalized, portable, and long-lasting. Once a notebook is filled, it can be slipped off and swapped for a new blank one. It’s only the paper notebooks that have to be replaced, not the whole journal itself.


I decided to customize mine with mostly custom notebooks ,a graph-lined notebook, calendars, to-do list, business notebooks… etc. That way, I would have a place for thoughts, inspiration, organization and i’m thinking about keeping a daily journal in it as well. I imagine it to be a cross between a Filofax and an ordinary journal, versatile enough to warrant my taking it everywhere, and therefore capable of actually being a kind of ongoing scrapbook of my life. Like some kind of adventure journaling!

Okay I know, …… you guys just want me to just open it already so you can explore all inside. Ok, lets see……


It has 2 main sections and two slightly smaller inside flaps.

The first section i wiI go over will be to the right with all the cupcakes on it.

This section is basically the notes section.


This first insert was made by me every single piece of it holds recipes for cakes, cupcakes and goodies for my soon to be custom cake bakery!

On the inside flap it holds a grid notebook i made for little notes.


This mini insert/folder holds a copy of my menu and order contract for my business.

This folder was made by muah as well.


This Notebook insert is grid paper and along with the others i made this one as well


This notebook holds all of my bakery business plans. This note book is taller i just took the picture that way

This one is a notebook with washi tape.


Both of the above notebooks are for different kinds of notes or ideas and yes i made them too

The Left Side is calendar, schedules, to-do list etc.


I made everything on this side as well.




A folder that holds different papers i need.


My to-do list.

I used a rose and its leaves for the cover.

I have a lot on my To-Do list, but i ended up taking pictures of some blank pages instead.



A Schedule keeper, you can never have enough of those.


The end of my Modori Traveler’s Notebook




This is for all of you out there who like to keep track of your progress while working out or just to be organized while working out. I keep the bigger one for


-Different workouts and references -Flexibility & stretches
-Motivation pictures
-motivational quotes
-Pole fitness &Ballet
-I absolutely LOVE Marilyn so I have an inspirational picture section (Working out with Marilyn)
-Food facts
-weight tracker, measurements
work out log, weight training log & a food tracking log.
– My progress in pictures (weekly)
-My progress log

I will be posting pictures and links
to the log sets that I have for tracking my progress.

As for the smaller booklet it is my wallet that has…
-Card holders
– note book for notes
-A pouch for money
-more spaces for cards and other
-a mini workout book on the go that has
      -weight loss facts
      – inspirational pics & quotes
      -Healthy snacks, food & facts
      -clean eating shopping list

The next post will have all info on how I made these and pictures for you all as well.
Talk to you all soon

Mrs. Bunn

My Daughters Luau Birthday Hat

I’m sooo in love with vintage things. So I told myself when I have a child I would make him or her one of those vintage birthday hats that tie on. I thought the whole idea of that was soo amazing. Once I even saw some at an antique store and fell in love even more. It’s something that they would always be able to keep and it’s just so adorable. So
I had a beautiful daughter in 2012 which made this even more possible. Sunday will be her second birthday and the theme is A Bubble Guppies Luau! One day browsing Pinterest I hit the jackpot with this piece of inspiratione3058c376161b341fecd2febc8dec58c So once I saw this I knew I had to make this. Soon you will see that I like big, all out there, glitzy and a eye turner things. So here are my pics of the hat I made for my daughter’s birthday on Sunday.

Isn’t this Awesome!!

Side View Now!



My hat came out really amazing a lot more character if you ask me. It fits perfect and I had to fight to get it off of her. She loves it I cant wait to take pictures. She will definitely be taking this off after it’s all over and it will be waiting to meet her at the age of twelve before she ever gets her little hands on this again. I’m Soooo EXCITED!!!!!!!


Mrs. Bunn