Hey ladies!

I’m so glad you all are taking the time to read my post.!!!!!

So first things first…… I saw lots of Mary Kay products growing up as a child. My Mom & Grandmother swore by it and still do! I always admired how they applied the products. Little did they know, their love for Mary Kay would be the beginning of my long lasting curiosity for a greatly praised brand.


It was at my first Mary Kay party that I learned that you shouldn’t sleep in makeup as it ages your skin fourteen days. It was at my first Mary Kay party that I learned you shouldn’t pump your mascara because the air dries it out. I also learned that there is a red blush and lipstick for EVERY complexion. Oh and I can’t forget that you should exfoliate your skin weekly and to use your trash day as a reference. Yes, I learned so much at my first Mary Kay party. And what caught my eye most of all were the wonderful benefits, incentives, gift and the BEAUTIFUL Cadillac that you can attain from working with Mary.


Recently my sister won a raffle drawing for a Mary Kay gift certificate w/ a free facial and she invited me to go with her. I was pretty excited to go the whole way i rambled on about past MK parties that i had attended. Soon after our party was over we all spoke about joining MK. After attending one of their rally price nights i was sold. And WALLAH a MARY KAY Consultant was born!!!


Let me help you discover what you LOVE!!!

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Patrice Bunn