Not Your Momma’s Pancakes

Heyyyyy everybody!!!!! So this morning I woke up and was going to make just some regular old pancakes and decided to make them with a twist. So I added some BACON!!!! Who doesn’t love bacon with pancakes. So why not make pancakes with strips of bacon right smack dab in the middle of them. I absolutely love bacon so much I even use bacon flavored syrup!!…. Look don’t judge me.😋 I’m just a bacon lover and always will be.😍❤🐷

I surprised my munchkins with them this morning and we couldn’t get enough. So I had to share these bacontastic cakes with you guys.



•Approx. 3c All-purpose organic flour

•1T Raw cane sugar

•Approx. 2c Almond milk

•4tsp Baking powder

•2tsp Himalayan sea salt

•1 Egg

•11pcs Center-cut bacon

•2T Butter

If you want you can follow whatever recipe for the pancakes as you please. I’m sorry but I’m not much of a person who measures unless it comes to my cakes. If you’re a person who likes a fluffy/thick pancake like me keep the batter thick but still pourable. If you like thinner pancakes add some extra milk to thin out the batter. Don’t make it soupy though.

So let’s get this thing started!!!

1. Just make your pancake batter and set it aside while you cook your bacon.

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2. Cook your bacon until crispy and golden. Once that is done drain the bacon of its oil. I just lined a baking sheet with paper towels. Make sure not to just throw the bacon onto the paper towels, or it will curl up and you don’t want that for these. Lay it flat and straighten it out.

Now that the bacon is done let’s move on.

3. Now pull out that batter you set aside.


4. Butter a new pan to make the pancakes in. Keep it at a medium flame. Let it heat for about 30secs don’t burn your butter.

5. So as pictured pour pancake batter into strips. Place a piece of bacon in the middle and spoon some batter over it in a zigzag pattern. Or if you want the bacon to be fully covered; cover it.

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6. Once the edges start to look golden and you can see that the pancakes is more than half way cooked through flip them bad boys over.

There you go!! Now you can use them as bacon pancake dippers for the kids (that’s what the munchkins got), just eat them plain or do what I did and eat them in a stack topped with syrup and crumbles of bacon as a garnish!!!! Yummy right?….. You bet your sweet ass they were!!!!😀😎

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The Hot Cooking Momma 💋