My Chunky Mermaid TN

Ok so i was so tired of not being able to find what I wanted in a midori/fauxdori travelers notebook. So I took it upon myself to give me what I wanted. Im the type that wants to put my entire life into a midori. I dont want to have to carry multiple TN or have to switch the notebooks depending on whats going on. So after I saw the ZenKraft Mermaid’s Tale Field Notes Bi-Fold: by Yochanan Israel. It inspired me to make my own.

I was so determined to find this Mermaid tail leather that is basically non existent, and when I tell you I searched far and wide for it I searched far and wide. I love Yochanan Israel’so work and I have a quad fold zencraft travelers notebook from him I reviewed it awhile back. I’ll link it below.

My NEW MTN!!!! –

In this Chunky Mermaid TN I made it has 8 rainbow elastic insert strings and can definitely hold a lot more than 8 notebooks if need be. It is a trifold travelers notebook with 2 elastic closure bands to hold all the goodness in.

Ok So…. enough with all the extra details let’s get too this Chunky Mermaid I made………..

Here she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought leather, cut the size I wanted, glued it with leather glue to make sure it was double sided and then added rainbow elastic string. I bought the string and crystal charm at Michael’s and ordered the leather online. Yea i did my thing on this TN and I’m not afraid to say it. Here is what is inside. Each notebook I bought had blank covers, I also bought a pvc clear zipper pocket and 2 folder pockets.

The first part of my TN is a Dashboard to keep all sticky notes and whatever I want to keep there. The next is a Notes and common place book where I keep notes and random things. The last notebook is where I keep DIY beauty, bath and household products. Which I will start making post about at a different time. So be on the look out!!

The following notebooks are a DIY wine, ales & spirits book. There are some folders, to-do book and a hobonichi journal I made myself on a small grid notenook I bought from Japan.

The red notebook is a  Daily journal/diary. Next is a blank calendar I decorated fabulously.

The All Things Me notebook is basically everything that I’m kind of doing like my workout routine, TV series I’m watching and whatever else going on in my life. Also pictured above is the PVC pocket insert I bought to keep all stickers and stencils.

Last is a craft paper notebook that I turned into a family photo album that I can add to and take with me no matter where I am.

I love my Chunky Mermaid TN and I hope you guys did too.

Xoxo- Patrice💋


2 thoughts on “My Chunky Mermaid TN

  1. hey, what a beautiful TN you made!!! i have the same problem that i actually want a zenkraft quadfold but i’ve never had the luck to be able to buy one. he also doesn’t make a lot of those what makes your changes even slimmer to catch one. i have a small purse that i want to convert into a TN but i was still in doubt what i would use for the pockets, etc… after seeing this article off yours i’m pretty sure i want to use the mermaid stuff. could you please tell me where you found yours? xxx

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