My NEW MTN!!!!

I am elated to have been able to receive this Midori style traveler’s notebook. I created my own before i had this one and it did the job wonderfully but i really like the leather and all the room in this new one i got from my sister (Below)


Thats the charm i have for my notebook but you can go out and buy them from joAnns, Micheal’s and hobby lobby


Its big but not to big it has multiple sections and places to put stuff

I”M IN LOVE!!!!!

(Just Don’t tell my husband) lol

So It’s a simple notebook system, in the quiet and refined style that the Japanese do well. There’s a thick tar colored leather cover inside there are elastics that hold the pieces inside as well as wrap around the entire journal. You can swap in different notebooks and other accessories to customize it to your needs. It’s designed to be personalized, portable, and long-lasting. Once a notebook is filled, it can be slipped off and swapped for a new blank one. It’s only the paper notebooks that have to be replaced, not the whole journal itself.


I decided to customize mine with mostly custom notebooks ,a graph-lined notebook, calendars, to-do list, business notebooks… etc. That way, I would have a place for thoughts, inspiration, organization and i’m thinking about keeping a daily journal in it as well. I imagine it to be a cross between a Filofax and an ordinary journal, versatile enough to warrant my taking it everywhere, and therefore capable of actually being a kind of ongoing scrapbook of my life. Like some kind of adventure journaling!

Okay I know, …… you guys just want me to just open it already so you can explore all inside. Ok, lets see……


It has 2 main sections and two slightly smaller inside flaps.

The first section i wiI go over will be to the right with all the cupcakes on it.

This section is basically the notes section.


This first insert was made by me every single piece of it holds recipes for cakes, cupcakesĀ and goodies for my soon to be custom cake bakery!

On the inside flap it holds a grid notebook i made for little notes.


This mini insert/folder holds a copy of my menu and order contract for my business.

This folder was made by muah as well.


This Notebook insert is grid paper and along with the others i made this one as well


This notebook holds all of my bakery business plans. This note book is taller i just took the picture that way

This one is a notebook with washi tape.


Both of the above notebooks are for different kinds of notes or ideas and yes i made them too

The Left Side is calendar, schedules, to-do list etc.


I made everything on this side as well.




A folder that holds different papers i need.


My to-do list.

I used a rose and its leaves for the cover.

I have a lot on my To-Do list, but i ended up taking pictures of some blank pages instead.



A Schedule keeper, you can never have enough of those.


The end of my Modori Traveler’s Notebook



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