My NEW MTN!!!!

I am elated to have been able to receive this Midori style traveler’s notebook. I created my own before i had this one and it did the job wonderfully but i really like the leather and all the room in this new one i got from my sister (Below)


Thats the charm i have for my notebook but you can go out and buy them from joAnns, Micheal’s and hobby lobby


Its big but not to big it has multiple sections and places to put stuff

I”M IN LOVE!!!!!

(Just Don’t tell my husband) lol

So It’s a simple notebook system, in the quiet and refined style that the Japanese do well. There’s a thick tar colored leather cover inside there are elastics that hold the pieces inside as well as wrap around the entire journal. You can swap in different notebooks and other accessories to customize it to your needs. It’s designed to be personalized, portable, and long-lasting. Once a notebook is filled, it can be slipped off and swapped for a new blank one. It’s only the paper notebooks that have to be replaced, not the whole journal itself.


I decided to customize mine with mostly custom notebooks ,a graph-lined notebook, calendars, to-do list, business notebooks… etc. That way, I would have a place for thoughts, inspiration, organization and i’m thinking about keeping a daily journal in it as well. I imagine it to be a cross between a Filofax and an ordinary journal, versatile enough to warrant my taking it everywhere, and therefore capable of actually being a kind of ongoing scrapbook of my life. Like some kind of adventure journaling!

Okay I know, …… you guys just want me to just open it already so you can explore all inside. Ok, lets see……


It has 2 main sections and two slightly smaller inside flaps.

The first section i wiI go over will be to the right with all the cupcakes on it.

This section is basically the notes section.


This first insert was made by me every single piece of it holds recipes for cakes, cupcakes and goodies for my soon to be custom cake bakery!

On the inside flap it holds a grid notebook i made for little notes.


This mini insert/folder holds a copy of my menu and order contract for my business.

This folder was made by muah as well.


This Notebook insert is grid paper and along with the others i made this one as well


This notebook holds all of my bakery business plans. This note book is taller i just took the picture that way

This one is a notebook with washi tape.


Both of the above notebooks are for different kinds of notes or ideas and yes i made them too

The Left Side is calendar, schedules, to-do list etc.


I made everything on this side as well.




A folder that holds different papers i need.


My to-do list.

I used a rose and its leaves for the cover.

I have a lot on my To-Do list, but i ended up taking pictures of some blank pages instead.



A Schedule keeper, you can never have enough of those.


The end of my Modori Traveler’s Notebook



The Traveling Journals :)


The ball is rolling…….. The “Life Through Y(OUR) Eye’s” journey has begun as of August 12th 2014. The journals have reached 6 different women(68 pages down.) and more women to go.(80 pages to go.) YAY! I named this journey myself it’s really a play on words. “Life Through Y(OUR) Eye’s” explains and describes exactly what I wanted from this journey. Simply I just wanted to be able to see life through others eye’s. For them to tell their stories and share anything they wanted without being judged. Woman from all walks of life, different states and countries have all come together to share their innermost feelings, life stories, experiences, creativity and their artistic expression anyway that they please. We are all strangers which makes this experience even more beautiful. We’re just woman who share the same passion for what we like to do. I know this journey together will create life-long memories and even some life-long friendships. I appreciate everyone that has or will be participating. Without you guys I wouldn’t be able to make this journey come true. I’m so happy to be apart of this marvelous journey!

-Thank you again ladies for giving me the opportunity to see Life Through Y(OUR) Eye’s!


-Mrs. Bunn

{Below are just some sneak peeks from the journals. }

-BELOW(Thanks Dianne)





-BELOW(Thanks Faye)


-BELOW(Thanks Tara)




My Long & Crazy Journey!!!

Okay so I’ve decided to post my natural hair journey……

It all started In Chicago winter of 2008 around Christmas time we took a trip to Texas to visit family. My mom did my hair for me in a style called tie downs.(pictured below)0106090731-01 (2)so after the entire Christmas trip my mom re-did my hair in the same style for when we moved to Dallas in March 2009. Me not thinking I put Super glue on each one to secure it at the roots. (The most STUPID yet REWARDING mistake of my life) Okay back to the story so not realizing the glue seeped down into my actual hair that was braided underneath. Yea i know you’re all thinking why use super glue?, why this? and why that? Yea i thought the same. :/  Soooo….. soon It was time to take down my hair and i COULDN’T do it!!!!! I freaked i tried everything i could think of and nothing worked. I tried everything in my power to avoid cutting my hair. My mom and i even went to Home Depot just to check and see if they had any kind of products that remove super glue. We found Nothing!! So i had to do what i had to do . I loved my hair, no, it wasn’t natural but i had healthy hair and i was pleased with my length. (pictured Below)8077926(I had a perm in this picture) As you can see in the picture above I’ve always loved a auburn/copper colored hair even now. I think if this unfortunate event never happened i wouldn’t be natural today! Well i know you want to know…… Yes i cut it off, My heart was crushed into a million pieces i even cried. I’ve always loved my hair to the fullest. I was only Half way through my junior year of high school and had to deal with this.

Pictured below is the way it looked after i was done cutting the hair out including mine. it was all uneven all over because some wasn’t glued all the way and some was .

 The Day I Turned Kinky! 😉 06/14/09 1095 (2)This is after it was trimmed evenly (below)
1096 (2)

For a few months i wore wigs. I did twist under the wig and more protective styles. pictured below.

0219101831-01 (2) me (2)

I was content for now because i could go out without feeling some type of way. But in the back of my mind all i could think of was my hair being so short.  Seven months later my hair was growing at a nice speed and i was happy. my hair has always been a nice texture but when i went natural it was soft super curly and just amazing. I have 3C Texture. (After this point in time i never i didn’t wear wigs/weave anymore. i was too in love with the curly hair!)

Seven Months Kinky(01/11/2010)

1231 1233 1235 1234 1237 1238

 This is 14 Months Kinky-8/15/2010

(Straightened Out)


 (Curly)Meh_001 Photo089h


I was in LOVE my hair was extremely curly and it was growing!!!!!

15 Months 09/05/2010-(Curly Puff)


Look at those waves!!!!


I love the waves and curls i miss them.

16 Months 10/17/2010(Straight)

My method of straightening

  • Blowout on damp hair with Hawaiian silk 14-in-1
  • Chi silk serum as i flat ironed it in small sections

(it protects from heat as well and adds extra sheen)

it comes out beautiful every time and last in Texas heat and humidity


18 Months 12/09/2010 (Dyed & Kinky)

Photo148 I told you i love this color!!!


12/14/2010 (Blow Out) & 12/16/2010( Straighten)



12/20/2010(Straight Again)

My Hair was only Straightened in this picture i didn’t do anything else to it.


Christmas 12/25/2010


19 Months 1/26/2011

Half up/ Half Down Curly/ straight




1/31/2011(Wet N’Kinky)Photo446 Photo447




20 Months 02/10/2011

My version of the Lady Gaga Bow



 22 Months 04/15/2011282529_10150400156888332_602913331_10617630_1934254_n04/17/2011

  • No curling iron was used. This style was done on wet curly hair using curl former. it dried and Wallah you get this!!


Pregnant with my Princess 05/27/2012- (2yrs 11mnths)

IMAG0458 (2)

7/14/2012 (9 months Pregnant)- 3yrs 1mnth

By the time i was half way done with my pregnancy my hair was BSL

for those who arent familiar with the Kinky Girl Lingo it means Bra Strap Length.

IMAG0486IMAG0490I Hated doing my hair when i was pregnant it was the worst thing ever.

8/06/2012- 3 days after giving birth (3 yrs 2mnths)


12/06/2012 (3.5 years) Twist OutIMAG1368


IMAG1366IMAG1357 IMAG1359 IMAG1364

IMAG1413 IMAG1417


4yrs 4mnths (Feb) 2013- Twist/Curly Fro’





 IMAG18434yrs 5mnths March 2013



20130323_164234 20130323_164120 20130323_164140 20130323_164143  20130323_16420620130323_164202 20130323_164145 20130323_164246 20130323_164358 20130323_164412 20130323_164441 20130323_164445 20130323_164517 20130323_164648 20130323_164715 20130323_164749 20130323_164825


03/24/2013 (Pinned up curly style)





This was the end of my curly Journey (In pictures). Little did i know that another journey was ahead of me. My husband has had loc’s for awhile now November 12th 2011. I’m the one who started his loc’s and helped him maintain them in the beginning.(he’s been maintaining them ever since) He’s been asking me for years “why don’t you get locs?”, “You wont have to do much to it” & ” I’ll Help you maintain them”  My response every time “No”, “Maybe one day”, “Okay tomorrow” and  “No” again. But i guess one day he didn’t have to ask i came to him and said
Me:”Bubby i want loc’s”
Me: Yea Lets do it

          Him: This is awesome!!!!

(This isn’t verbatim but you all get the gist)

He started them for me (October 16th 2013)

01/26/2014(5yrs2mnths(kinky)) (3mnthsLoc’d)



5yrs 3mnths Kinky Feb 2014(4mnths loc’d)



5yrs 4mnths March2014(5mnths Loc’d)








5yrs 5mnths April2014(6mnths Loc’d) They’re really locking up fast!


5yrs 6mnths May 2014 7mnths Loc’dIMG_20140517_193929 (2)1399145148569



  5yrs 7mnths June 2014 8mnths Loc’d Fully loc’d

Layered Ombre affect

(top layer) my natural brown hair

(middle) Red

(Bottom Layer) Blonde

I did Bantu knots all over my entire head 3 locs to every Bantu knot. As i was doing that i did a fresh re-twist at the same time. (Knocking out 2 birds with 1 stone.stone. Yay Me!!) I waited until dry and unraveled them and Wallah! (Effortless curly Locs)

IMG_20140609_221246 IMG_20140609_221058 IMG_20140609_221111 5yrs 8mnths(Kinky) July 2014 9mnths Loc’d n’ Loving it


IMG_20140724_225144 IMG_20140724_225209 IMG_20140724_225433

5yrs 9mnths(Kinky) August 2014 10mnths Loc’d

(I made this Loc Jewelry Below)

It was the black wire and i used something to make the wire Black & Gold

IMG_3920 IMG_3908

IMG_20140825_114328 IMG_3915 IMG_3916 IMG_3917 IMG_3918 IMG_3919 IMG_3914 IMG_3913 IMG_3912 IMG_3911

Thank you all For tuning in to be apart of my long yet crazy, horrendous, rewarding, beautiful and glorious journey.

For Tips/Help & Question feel free to email or comment below. I will DEF. get back to you

Until next time guys! ENJOY!!! 🙂

-Signed Diary Of A Kinky Girl