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So first things first…… I saw lots of Mary Kay products growing up as a child. My Mom & Grandmother swore by it and still do! I always admired how they applied the products. Little did they know, their love for Mary Kay would be the beginning of my long lasting curiosity for a greatly praised brand.


It was at my first Mary Kay party that I learned that you shouldn’t sleep in makeup as it ages your skin fourteen days. It was at my first Mary Kay party that I learned you shouldn’t pump your mascara because the air dries it out. I also learned that there is a red blush and lipstick for EVERY complexion. Oh and I can’t forget that you should exfoliate your skin weekly and to use your trash day as a reference. Yes, I learned so much at my first Mary Kay party. And what caught my eye most of all were the wonderful benefits, incentives, gift and the BEAUTIFUL Cadillac that you can attain from working with Mary.


Recently my sister won a raffle drawing for a Mary Kay gift certificate w/ a free facial and she invited me to go with her. I was pretty excited to go the whole way i rambled on about past MK parties that i had attended. Soon after our party was over we all spoke about joining MK. After attending one of their rally price nights i was sold. And WALLAH a MARY KAY Consultant was born!!!


Let me help you discover what you LOVE!!!

If you are interested in buying Mary Kay products please contact me via


Patrice Bunn


I Kept My Promise!!!

Sooooo…….Here is the large Fitness Journal/Tracker



Okay so this isn’t just some journal i bought from the store the entire journal was made with things i had around the house.

Supplies i used:

  • Computer paper
  • Washi tape
  • Colorful tabs
  • Pictures
  • Printables
  • Pictures from bitstrip(i had to actually download pictures of my bitstrip without scenes behind it)
  • A thick but flexible file folder
  • Heavy duty stapler
  • and the rest is creativity



This is the front inside cover to by journal which as you see has the index/table of contents, 50 reasons to exercise and a cute parfait picture guide. The next section/ pages are exercises and flexibility and stretches. pictured below










Next up is my motivation section. This section contains Inspirational pictures of other strong and fit woman. Also this section contains quotes(funny and inspirational). PLEASE NOTE: I don’t aspire to be someone that is skinny. I only want to be fit, healthy and strong.



Motivational Quotes- these are what motivate me to keep going everyday with working out. I know it can be hard out there for a lot of people including me!!! So here they are i hope they help because there are all different kinds for activities you are doing.






This next section is my Pole Fitness and Ballet. I absolutely love ballet i just feel that it is the most beautiful way to express the beauty of art through dance. Its amazing! And for Pole Fitness i think sometimes gets a bad rep because people associate it with strippers most of the time. I think its graceful, elegant and a self esteem booster, so whats wrong with that.  to be a pole dancer it take strength, agility, flexibility and many other things. If you ask me i see it as ballet with a pole. its a beautiful sport as well. its really becoming popular among men and women and even have large competitions. they’re even thinking about adding it into the Olympics. So don’t judge and if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it! 🙂


Working Out With Marilyn!!!!!

My absolute favorite section in this entire book. I love Marilyn Monroe. She was flawlessly beautiful in every way. Yes, she had her own demons she had to deal with who doesn’t. She is a very inspirational woman and i just had to add her in my book!




Tiny Recipe Section/ The Start of My Fitness Tracker




Free Printables for the Fitness Tracker(Gray&pink) Link Below

this section of my journal includes:

  • Health/Fitness Goals
  • Recipes to Try
  • Weight Tracker
  • Body Measuments
  • Water Tracker
  • Different Workout Log
  • Weight Training Log
  • Food Log




My Progress(inPictures)

I Think This section is a good idea for people that get discouraged during the workout process. This gives you a chance to see your progress even when you dont see it when your in the mirror the pictures always show it really good.


Workout Timeline (By Day)

(This is when Bitstrip came in handy)

IMG_3802IMG_3803I Keep all my little mini me’s Here For mood tracker and putting them on my timeline

My Fitness Timeline


Its the length of my workout goal. The length of my timeline is 8 weeks and 6 days just customize it according to your workout.




 Here they are together.

(My Loyal Companions!!!!)

Any questions leave a comment!!!

Thank you!


The Key to my Locs

IMG_3908So I decided out of the blue one day that i was going to just make my own loc jewelry. I knew what i needed and what i wanted so i did it! I’m a very random person and when i get a inspiration what ever it may be it fires something inside of me that just screams DO IT  DO IT DO IT!!! I Always end up with something really creative or different. This is what i came up with this time. I like black and gold and I absolutely LOVE Keys!!! Here it is the Key to my Locs.


Here it is!

Hello Everyone! I hope all of you are having a wonderful day today. Here is the continued post from yesterday about the workout journals. This is the Small wallet version  that i made.


Includes all of the following

  • Card holders
  • pockets
  • note book for notes
  • A pouch for money
  • more spaces for cards and other
  • a mini workout book on the go that has
    • weight loss facts
    • workouts
    • inspirational pics & quotes
    • Healthy snacks, food & facts
    • clean eating shopping list


(Top)- I use the inside cover for cards(business, discount, id etc.) they sit in the pockets really good and i don’t ever worry about the falling out. (Center/ Bottom)- The other pages i use for different food and health facts while i’m on the go.


(Top)- I write things i want or want to buy on the “WANT IT!” page. (Center)- These pages are a reminder for me of weight loss rules and tips. also another plastic card holder. i usually just put my ID ans cards like these in the other side but to be safe i put these cards atop it. (Bottom)- This is the small workout journal insert in my wallet.

  IMG_3817      IMG_3818 IMG_3819

This section is were i add different kinds of workouts for different days of the week. I have more than what is pictured above but just so you all can at least see or get some ideas. I think this small version is extremely convenient i can take it with me while i work out write a few things down about what i did at the gym or even for motivation. I also write things down so that i can track all information in my larger journal when i return home.


I think this might actually be my favorite section of the mini fitness journal. This section contains Inspirational pictures of other strong and fit woman. Also this section contains quotes(funny and inspirational). PLEASE NOTE: I don’t aspire to be someone that is skinny. I only want to be fit, healthy and strong.


My Second favorite section in this book. I love to cook and finding new recipes all the time. I’ve tried quite a few of these already. i even have a section where i can write in recipes as well.  I absolutely LOVE the fruit/herb/vegg infused waters very DELICIOUS!!!! You can add lots if recipes in the insert i have over 20 pages.


This is a separate notebook insert i have in here as well.

Here’s My Plastic MOOLAH Pocket!




And the END with a pocket on the back cover i Love this Thing!!!



This is for all of you out there who like to keep track of your progress while working out or just to be organized while working out. I keep the bigger one for


-Different workouts and references -Flexibility & stretches
-Motivation pictures
-motivational quotes
-Pole fitness &Ballet
-I absolutely LOVE Marilyn so I have an inspirational picture section (Working out with Marilyn)
-Food facts
-weight tracker, measurements
work out log, weight training log & a food tracking log.
– My progress in pictures (weekly)
-My progress log

I will be posting pictures and links
to the log sets that I have for tracking my progress.

As for the smaller booklet it is my wallet that has…
-Card holders
– note book for notes
-A pouch for money
-more spaces for cards and other
-a mini workout book on the go that has
      -weight loss facts
      – inspirational pics & quotes
      -Healthy snacks, food & facts
      -clean eating shopping list

The next post will have all info on how I made these and pictures for you all as well.
Talk to you all soon

Mrs. Bunn



Hello ladies,

Our journey has been kick started. I just can’t wait to see what we all have in store for each other. I’m just so glad I have the opportunity to get to share a once in a lifetime experience with all of you. Please send in photos via email of updates and how everything is coming along, so we can all share them as we take this rare journey. Be on the lookout I will be posting updates periodically. Let’s have a wonderful journey and see



Let the journaling begin!!!!

-Mrs. Bunn

My Daughters Luau Birthday Hat

I’m sooo in love with vintage things. So I told myself when I have a child I would make him or her one of those vintage birthday hats that tie on. I thought the whole idea of that was soo amazing. Once I even saw some at an antique store and fell in love even more. It’s something that they would always be able to keep and it’s just so adorable. So
I had a beautiful daughter in 2012 which made this even more possible. Sunday will be her second birthday and the theme is A Bubble Guppies Luau! One day browsing Pinterest I hit the jackpot with this piece of inspiratione3058c376161b341fecd2febc8dec58c So once I saw this I knew I had to make this. Soon you will see that I like big, all out there, glitzy and a eye turner things. So here are my pics of the hat I made for my daughter’s birthday on Sunday.

Isn’t this Awesome!!

Side View Now!



My hat came out really amazing a lot more character if you ask me. It fits perfect and I had to fight to get it off of her. She loves it I cant wait to take pictures. She will definitely be taking this off after it’s all over and it will be waiting to meet her at the age of twelve before she ever gets her little hands on this again. I’m Soooo EXCITED!!!!!!!


Mrs. Bunn