About Patrice

If there was one word to describe myself it would be: Createabitionate (Creative, Ambitious, Passionate).

How did this become my life?

Break out the tiny violins…..lol🎻

Since I was a stay at home mom and bored out of my mind in 2014 I decided to create a blog to share all things I’m passionate about. To share tried and true recipes, Healthy, fun and maybe even a few that are fattening. Dammit we can all use a good snack every now and again. We’re only human! Im definitely not here to judge. I will share my entire life with you if you let me. Along with food I will share my life with my 2 crazy children and husband, natural hair care tips, my journaling/planner life, fitness and many many more topics. This blog welcomes all. This blog isn’t gender specific and I definitely wouldn’t want it to be.

So let’s actually talk about me now!

My name is Patrice Bunn. I’m 25 and I’m a kickass wife, mom, entrepreneur, chef and I wear many hats to many trades. Other than that I’m from Chicago and have lived all over, but I’m a country girl at heart. I am a very silly & quirky person. Sometimes I can be downright weird……… but I don’t care!🤓😀🤗 And if you were to ask the people closest to me I’m just the spoiled little sister of 3. I beg to differ!!!😋. Anyways……


Now, around these parts, I have a few core beliefs…

•I believe that family comes first and without ’em I don’t know where I’d be.

•If there is anyone to be cute or sexy for its yourself first. That goes for men and women alike.

• I believe if you have a Big Fat Goal you’ve kept hidden in the back of your mind for far too long. Act on it with every Passionate bone in your body to help you bring it to life in an unstoppable way.

•I believe everyone deserves happiness, respect, and love.

•Never give up and dismiss all negativity in your life. #staypositiveboo

•If I’m being honest, I also believe that watermelon, cake and puppy cuddles can cure almost any bad day.

If you’re here I caught your eye. So grab a glass of wine, your glass of whiskey and look around.
I love you guys and thank you for following!!!!


Xoxo Mrs.Bunn💋


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